about us

Purpose, Values and Beliefs


To empower people with barriers to achieve social inclusion by providing support and strategies in employment, training and life choices which are holistic and responsive to each person's individual needs.


Values & Beliefs

Essential Employment and Training (EET):

  • is committed to person-centred planning & person-centred service delivery approaches
  • provides an enabling environment where people are supported to have and exercise choice and control in their lives
  • believes in offering a responsive & flexible service to each individual client
  • encourages all staff  to work consistently and competently using person-centred approaches in their work
  • understands  the importance of having trusting relationships with the person they support  and the significant people in their lives
  • strives to make equitable & impartial decisions with respect to providing services to its clients
  • strives for professionalism & excellence in all aspects of its service delivery using competent & qualified staff
  • has a strong culture whereby staff respect each other’s gifts, talents, strengths and use these in their work wherever they can
  • acts ethically at all times in accordance with its Code of Conduct, NSW Disability Service Standards and the National Standards for Disability Services
  • values & encourages partnerships with the community & strategic liaisons
  • understands the importance of being accountable in all aspects of its service delivery