Health and Wellbeing

Keeping healthy and well has many positive effects on peoples’ lives – whether it be a boost in motivation, an improvement in mood, increased morale, or giving you a greater confidence to be involved in your community.

For jobseekers these positive effects can lead to a greater chance of employment, better work performance, and increased life satisfaction. Employers now place a greater importance on a person’s health than ever before and good health is something they look for in new employees.

Speak to EET about customising a health and wellbeing program specifically for you.

Tiv Nightingale standing with Essential Wellbeing Client giving us a peace sign

Health and Fitness are Keys to Success for Sandre

Sandre had been feeling the effects of unemployment on his overall health and with some encouragement from his Employment Consultant he joined the Health and Wellbeing program 4 months ago. At first Sandre struggled with the exercise components of the program, but it didn’t take him long to push through that phase and start feeling some of the great benefits associated with physical fitness. Sandre enjoyed the social aspect of working out with other team members, but the biggest boost came in the form of some of the other health benefits linked to physical fitness. Sandre noticed his confidence, self belief and motivation had all improved greatly, saying “It’s given me that will-power and the get up and go I needed each day, my energy levels have changed so much. I want to keep improving and would like to continue on with the program”.

Sandre’s improved health has led him to tackle his next challenge – employment. With EET’s assistance he has successfully obtained volunteer workplace training at Cole’s supermarket in Figtree, a temporary stint with the next step on offer being paid, ongoing employment. The sky’s the limit for Sandre and we commend him on his commitment to succeed.

Young man wearing a hoody with sunglassess hanging dowen the front is giving a 2 thumbs up and looking very pleased with his achievements