individual funding

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What is Individual Funding?


  • Historically, ADHC has funded Day Programs, such as the Community Participation Program, through a “block-grant”. This funding grant is given the service provider to deliver a program for a certain number of participants. 
  • Historically, entry for a person with disability into these services has been largely determined by the service provider.

Things are changing...

Now there is another option in the way people with disability can be funded and how they can access services.

Individualised Funding
is where the person with disability has a significant degree of control (either directly themselves or through a significant person in their life) in how funding is spent. Put simply:

Individualised Funding gives control of the funds to the person so that they can purchase the services they require. Laraghy (2002)


Some of the messages about these changes that you may have heard lately might have used words like…

  • My Voice, My Choice. 
  • Living Life My Way
  • Self-Determination