NDIS Journey in 9 Steps

Step 1 Access and Eligibility
Who will be involved? A. An NDIS representative will ring you, OR
B. You can call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 to enquire about eligibility.
What does this mean? To be eligible for the NDIS you must be an Australian citizen, resident or visa holder and have a disability that is likely to be permanent and significant.
Step 2 NDIS Pre-Plan
Who will be involved? You, an EET staff member and a person to support you (if you wish) e.g. your family member/carer
What does this mean? It is important that you complete a ‘Getting Plan Ready’ document to prepare for your First Plan meeting with an LAC or NDIS Planner. EET can help you put together all the vital evidence you require. Be sure to list all the types of supports you need including your goals and aspirations. Keep a diary of your family environment to capture as much information as possible. You will then have this information in front of you when meeting with your LAC or NDIS Planner.
Step 3 Your First Meeting Plan
Who will be involved? An LAC or NDIS Planner with you or a person nominated by you AND an EET staff member can be present if you wish.
What does this mean? Once your access to the NDIS has been confirmed, you (or your nominee) will be contacted by an NDIS representative to have a planning conversation about any existing supports you may be receiving and what are your needs and main goals. Be sure to have your ‘Getting Plan Ready’ document and your diary notes from Step 2 with you to help explain what you need during the planning conversation.
Step 4 Contact EET when you receive your Plan
Who will be involved? You and the LAC. You can also contact the EET NDIS Facilitator who can assist and discuss your Plan with you.
What does this mean? You will receive a letter of confirmation your NDIS plan has been approved, along with a copy of your plan will include your plan number. Before you can proceed, your plan will need to be implemented by an LAC representative or a Support Coordinator.
Step 5 Choosing your Provider(s) (it may be more than one)
Who will be involved? A. An LAC or NDIS Planner OR
B. Support Coordinator. EET can be your Support Coordinator. Speak to one of our staff members for more information.
What does this mean? Once your plan is activated, you will then choose who will provide the activities and supports listed in your Plan.
A. The LAC or NDIS Planner will help you connect with Provider(s), OR
B. If you have Coordination of Supports listed in your Plan, this will be done by the Support Coordinator.
Step 6 Entering into a Service Agreement & costing your activities and supports with your Provider(s)
Who will be involved? You will meet with our EET NDIS Facilitator to sit down and discuss the activities & supports you are after, and what EET can provide.
What does this mean? You will enter into a Service Agreement with your chosen Provider. The Service Agreement sets out the types of support you have chosen to purchase from EET, and is different from your NDIS Plan. Your Plan lists your NDIS supports and a Service Agreement is about delivering those supports. It will include everything from the start and end date of your agreement, how, when and where you require your activities & supports to be delivered, costs of supports, number of weeks supports will be delivered, travel costs, your nominated Support Person(s), your rights and responsibilities, the rights and responsibilities of EET, notice periods for non-attendance and ending the agreement etc. EET will prepare a detailed budget on what you are purchasing from us, so it is important you have your NDIS Plan with you. Once you agree, both you and the EET NDIS Facilitator will sign the Service Agreement, and you will be given a copy. Note: If you are receiving supports from more than one Provider, you will enter into a separate Service Agreement with each one.
Step 7 Start using your activities and supports
Who will be involved? Your EET Support Person(s) (this may be more than one person).
What does this mean? Once your budget has been completed and your Service Agreement has been signed, your EET Provider will start providing you with the activities & supports listed in your Service Agreement at the agreed start date.
Step 8 Reviewing your Service Agreement with EET
Who will be involved? EET Coordinator or other staff member.
What does this mean? At EET, we understand that things change, and your Service Agreement with EET will be reviewed periodically to ensure your activities and supports continue to suit your needs and that you are on track to achieving your goals and aspirations.
Step 9 Reviewing your NDIS Plan
Who will be involved? LAC or NDIS Planner.
What does this mean? Before the end date of your current NDIS Plan, you will be contacted to schedule a review for your second NDIS Plan.