Community Participation


About our Community Participation (CP) Program

The (CP) Program assists people with a disability to develop skills that will help them achieve their life goals, increase their independence and participate as a valued and active member of the community. The program is for young people with a disability with moderate to high support needs.

We also offer Life Choices and Active Ageing Programs for people with a disability who are at later life stages.


Our Community Participation program offers a range of activities which aim to maintain and develop the person’s well-being and increase their independence. Each person participates in the development of their own individual person-centred plan which may include:

  • Participating in meaningful leisure, recreational, social and cultural activities
  • Participating and being included in the local community
  • Having active and valued roles in the community
  • Expanding friendships and support networks

Individual Funding Packages

We can assist individual clients to plan and cost a range of activities in response to their interests and choices such as:

  • Social, sporting and recreational community activities
  • Adult education – formal and informal learning
  • Hobbies and leisure activities
  • Health and wellbeing activities
  • Linking the person with social networks