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Success Stories

Health and Fitness are Keys to Success for Sandre

Our Disability Employment Service has partnered with local Wollongong Personal trainer Tiv Nightingale to provide a Health and Wellbeing program aimed at improving the Mental and Physical health of our service users.

Sandre had been feeling the effects of unemployment on his overall health and with some encouragement from his Employment Consultant he joined the Health and Wellbeing program 4 months ago. At first Sandre struggled with the exercise components of the program, but it didn't take him long to push through that phase and start feeling some of the great benefits associated with physical fitness. Sandre enjoyed the social aspect of working out with other team members, but the biggest boost came in the form of some of the other health benefits linked to physical fitness. Sandre noticed his confidence, self belief and motivation had all improved greatly, saying “It’s given me that will-power and the get up and go I needed each day, my energy levels have changed so much. I want to keep improving and would like to continue on with the program”.

Sandre's improved health has led him to tackle his next challenge - employment. With EET's assistance he has successfully obtained volunteer workplace training at Cole’s supermarket in Figtree, a temporary stint with the next step on offer being paid, ongoing employment. The sky’s the limit for Sandre and we commend him on his commitment to succeed.



Rocco signs contract with Department of Education

Rocco has taken some huge steps since joining Essential Employment and Training (EET) 5 years ago, but none bigger or more important than the signing of his first full time employment contract with the Department of Education and Communities (DEC). Rocco started at DEC in 2011 as a volunteer and has since proven himself to be a vital part of their team, with Assistant Manager Shared Services, Bill Reid saying "His results exceeded all expectations and we are delighted to be able to offer Rocco  a full-time position for 12 months."


“Rocco brings a great attitude to our workplace and has quickly become one of the team.”

Rocco’s case manager from EET, Jess Parkes, said the changes in Rocco’s life had been substantial since he took on the job.

“Rocco has become a lot more independent since he started working at DEC,” Ms Parkes said.

“His mum used to have to drive him to work, now he catches the bus independently and he is saving up for a car and will soon start taking driving lessons.

“His general health and outlook has improved significantly and he is very happy to be working in an environment where he is respected for what he can do.

“He is a real success story.”

Rocco greatly enjoys working at the HR Shared Service Centre and was appreciative of all the support he had.

“I find the work really fun,” he said

“Everyone is really friendly and I like being busy. It’s much better than sitting at home doing nothing. I’m really happy.”




One year Anniversary at Sydney Brewery

Congratulations to Tim, Kristine and Jacob on reaching their first anniversary at Sydney Brewery. Huge thank you to the team at Sydney Brewery for all the time and support they have given to make this project a success.

 Here's a message from Marika Herrman, Manager of Sydney Brewery-

"Exactly a year ago today a group of new employees started with us, in the hope of creating a bottling line and for our growing Brewery. Some have come and gone but we have managed to achieve what we set out to do. Congratulations to Tim, Kristine and Jacob for their first year as a part of the Sydney Brewery Team" 



 Rocco Kicking Goals at DEC

Starting a new job can be daunting not only do you have to learn your role but all your work colleagues too.  Essential Employment and Training (EET) client, Rocco faced these challenges when he started working at Department of Education and Communities (DEC).  

Rocco started out doing work experience at the DEC Wollongong Office but was soon offered full-time employment with the support of EET and DEC staff. Rocco has since mastered the technical side of his job and really enjoys his work, but he can sometimes struggle with the social aspects of work. Recently, DEC staff invited Rocco and EET Training and Placement Officer - Jess to attend a Social Soccer match, while he was hesitant at first, Rocco really enjoyed the game and even taught Jess a few skills.

EET will work with DEC to ensure Rocco continues to grow in his position and we'll be there if he needs support, all the best Rocco.


 Tim has an eye for detail

During his last year at school at Shoalhaven High in 2013, 17 year old Tim completed his Certificate I in Employability: “Becoming A Worker” with Essential Employment & Training (EET).

After a short work trial at Classic Car Detailing (CCD) in South Nowra, he linked with our Disability Employment Service in August 2013 and had gained employment with CCD by January 2014.

Since then Tim has been offered fulltime employment at Classic Car Detailing after impressing staff with his hard work and eye for detail. Tim started out as a young man who loved working around cars who quietly got on with his work who has grown to become a valued staff member.

EET will continue to drop in on a regular basis to offer support to both Tim and his employer.



Manuel's 1 year Anniversary

Manuel works in the service department at Illawarra Toyota where he recently notched up his one year anniversary. Manuel is well liked and appreciated by staff and during the past year he has worked hard to develop his skills and grow in his role.

A recent report made to EET Training & Placement officer - Jess from Illawarra Toyota management, stated, "Manuel is doing a fantastic job and is an asset to the department. He always goes above and beyond with every task given to him." Well done from everyone at EET.






Jesse's trip to Nepal

Hi my name is Jesse and I am a client with Essential Employment & Training in Goulburn. I have recently returned from my second five (5) month long trip volunteering in Nepal at a home for disadvantaged and orphaned children and I have been asked to tell you about it.

I have always liked doing voluntary work particularly in gardens and working with people for a common goal. One day last year I was feeling frustrated with my job and wanted to do something completely different for a while. I decided to do something radically different and go to Nepal for as long as I could and help out at an orphanage.

This was a big thing for me to try as I had never travelled to a foreign country on my own before, didn’t speak the language and had very little idea of what I was getting myself into. But I wanted to challenge myself and do something new so I jumped in without thinking about it too much.

It turned out to be one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Not only did I learn a lot about another culture. I also met lots of other volunteers from all over the world and I gained a new perspective on life. Things that are common place in Australia like cars, washing machines, hot water, and electricity are rare luxuries in Nepal. I quickly adjusted to washing my clothes by hand, walking anywhere I needed to go and the most difficult for me at least, taking cold showers in the winter time. But hardship made the Nepalese a strong and inspiring people. I expected on going to a children’s home to find sadness, but instead I found wonderful hard working children who worked together and could do things like cook for fifty (50) people that I couldn’t even imagine doing now let alone when I was 16. Some of the duties of a volunteer involved playing games with the kids, helping with the cooking, helping the kids with their homework and English and taking the kids to the doctor if needed.

The hardest thing about volunteering in Nepal has been that I fell in love with the country and its people and now I want to go back every year.


'Dedication, Passion and Hard Work = Success'

Christopher Mayers is a young man with a passion for his work in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. A former abattoir worker and horticulture student Chris has now found his perfect job with Robert & Trish Price of Turpentine Park Horse Stables, based at scenic Cambewarra in the Shoalhaven. Chris starts work at the crack of dawn each day, tending to the stables of many of the region's most successful racehorses. Rising in the dark each day does not worry Chris, he is often first on the scene, he loves working with the horses and the experienced and cheerful staff at Turpentine Park.
Chris Mayers was placed into employment with Turpentine Park by Essential Personnel, a Disability Employment Service provider with offices throughout the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, and Shoalhaven areas. When Chris came to Essential Personnel his interests in employment were horticulture, working with dogs, and abattoir work. Chris had completed Certificate's in Horticulture and Meat Processing but was finding it difficult to find work in the Shoalhaven after the family re-located from the Central West. Chris had overcome many hurdles within the employment sector but continued to think positively about work and focused on his "Ability" not his Disability.
Robert and Trish Price offered an opportunity for Chris and he has accepted it with open arms. During the first six months on the job Chris progressed from basic labouring duties to completing most of the roles of the other more experienced Stablehands at Turpentine Park. 
Chris feels so passionate about the job and his work that he is considering a traineeship to improve his knowledge of the industry and to achieve a qualification. This would be a fantastic achievement for Chris, who has overcome many obstacles and often found tertiary education a little difficult. Chris feels that the love of his job, guidance by his employer, and skills currently learnt will enable him to successfully complete his training to become a qualified Stablehand.