Transition to Work


About our Transition to Work (TTW) Program

TTW is a 2-year program, which helps young people develop the skills and knowledge needed to transition from school to employment. Our well-established and successful program has achieved an outstanding success rate in gaining employment and training opportunities for our clients.

Why choose OUR Transition to Work Program?

  • Includes our own nationally accredited Certificate I in Employability - Becoming a Worker
  • Links participants with our very successful and high achieving Disability Employment Service (DES)
  • Adopts a Person Centred approach - always focusing on the individual person's needs and goals
  • Develops an Individual Plan tailored to the individual, focusing on their vocational goals and career pathways
  • Creates opportunities to support development of skills and independence leading to employment
  • Enhances participants' confidence and self-esteem by recognizing their abilities and strengths
  • Provides transportation (negotiated on an individual needs basis)


Our activities include:

  • Training in vocational and employability skills
  • Work experience and voluntary employment with our on-site support
  • Guest speakers from local businesses
  • Worksite visits
  • Communication, social, healthy lifestyles and independent living skills
  • Team building skills (includes the Annual Team Building Camp at minimal cost)