Transition to Work


Success Stories

 Wollongong TTW get a Licence to Drive

We all know how important and exciting it is to gain ones Driver's Licence, especially when you're looking for work. Well, there's plenty to get excited about at our Transition to Work program in Wollongong as not 1, not 2, but 8 of our service users have gained their Learner's Permits in 2015. Our TTW mentors will be taking the many of our Learners through the next part of their driving lives as we are now offering driving lessons as well. Congratulations to all our new Learner's Permit holders Marko, Hannah, Melissa, Michelle, Taylor, Bec, Cheyenne and Lauren





Bryce is achieving Big Things

Bryce is doing great things in Goulburn, he recently completed a Certificate III in Pathways to Further Study and a Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation at Goulburn TAFE. Bryce's great achievements were given further recognition when he received an Encouragement Award from TAFE as well. EET wishes Bryce all the best with his further studies, we can't wait to see where he goes from here.






Ulladulla Shows Off

Clients from Essential Employment and Training’s (EET), Transition to Work (TTW) program in Ulladulla channelled their artistic side recently when they entered their own creations in the Milton Show. While being a creative outlet, the whole process doubled as a character building exercise and by all reports the group managed fantastically well. Our TTW participants got some great results at the Show with Jade receiving a Highly Commended award for her Michael Jackson Quilt and pillows, Alex displayed and sold one of her free-hand Japanese drawings (with more available for purchase) and Jessica won Second Prize for her poem.

The project proved to be very beneficial for our clients with TTW Trainer, Julie saying ‘This was the first time we have been involved in presenting at the Milton Show, it has been a great success and a real boost of confidence for my clients,  the only way is up now and we will be participating every year!’ With all our clients being so successful it was agreed they would have a day out at Mollymook Bowling Club learning Lawn Bowls in recognition of their efforts. Well done to the Ulladulla team.




Melissa Supports at School

Melissa completed Certificate III in Education Support with the support of our Transition to Work (TTW) program in Wollongong last year. Since then TTW has helped Melissa gain a work trial in Administration at Corpus Christi Catholic School. Melissa was so impressive during her work trial that she was offered work as a School Support Officer 1 day a week.

Melissa is still attending TTW and is also taking part in Certificate II Business Administration course at TAFE 2 days a week.





A Fantastic Community Connection

Essential Employment and Training's (EET) Julie Griffiths has built a fantastic partnership with Gayle Dunn founder of The Dunn Lewis Centre in Ulladulla over the past few months.

The Dunn Lewis Centre has generously offered EET's Transition to Work Program use of its commercial kitchen where our young clients are gaining experience and learning valuable skills to assist them on their journey towards employment and/or living independently.
Recently EET was able to repay the favour at least in part by donating $300 to The Dunn Lewis Centre, a great example of the importance of building strong relationships within our local communities.
This story was also recently covered by The Milton Ulladulla Times.
Check out TTW Client Harley Condello (right), making cookies in the Dunn Lewis Kitchen.

From Client to Mentor
At Essential Employment and Training (EET), we firmly believe that a person with a disability can achieve their goals through determination and carefully tailored support, no matter their barriers.

We are also incredibly proud of the fact that our staff legitimately and deeply care about the clients they assist. So when a client not only successfully transitions to work, but demonstrates a determination to give back to people with similar barriers, EET believes they deserve recognition.

Andrew came to our Transition To Work (TTW) Wollongong program after completing the TASTE Program from Holy Spirit College. Andrew successfully completed the two year TTW program and found that he had a passion to work in the Disability sector.

Andrew's determination to help others overcome their barriers led to him giving considerable amounts of time over the past two years volunteering as a mentor with the TTW Team at Wollongong. At the same time he has been completing a Certificate III in Disability Services with some support from the team.

EET has been so impressed by Andrew’s dedication, that he has recently been offered, and accepted (yay!), a permanent part-time position in the TTW Team where he works eight (8) hours a week as a Support Worker and Mentor.

Congratulations Melissa!

The Essential Employment and Training Team take great satisfaction in assisting you to achieve your goals, and emphasise the importance of enabling and supporting you to make the important choices about your employment. The Wollongong Transition to Work program recently demonstrated this. Melissa started with the program at the beginning of the year, and in that short time she has gained work experience at two separate dental clinics on alternate Fridays. As well as the TTW program activities she participates in during the rest of the week, Melissa is in the process of completing a Certificate III: Dental Assisting at TAFE. Thanks to Melissa’s fantastic effort and our assistance, she has been offered a part time paid position at one of the dentist clinics on completion of her course. 

On behalf of the whole organisation, especially Mary and the TTW Wollongong Team, we want to congratulate Melissa on her outstanding progress and wish her the best possible outcomes in the future. Mary and her team remain committed to providing whatever assistance Melissa requires and are very proud of her development this year.

Sam's Amazing Story

Hi, My name is Sam.When I think about my life in community radio, I ask myself where do I start? I was around 10 years old when I thought, "Wow what a cool job that would be to talk on the radio and play music!" I remember a teacher saying, you wouldn't be any good at that beacuse you're no good at maths. So I thought, OK well I won't worry about it then.You see I wasn't the most academic child, so fair call I guess. A few years passed-by and I was listening to the radio when I was about 13 and I said to a friend, remember when I wanted to be on the radio? He looked at me and said you would be great at that.So when I was 15 I was given my first radio gig at ABC Radio Illawarra. I had the chance to meet some great people and the manager said if you're serious about a career in radio you've got to get yourself out there.
So I went to my first community station and I was told I had to wait until I was 18 to do a show (not true) - you can be as young as 12 as long as you don't advertise alcohol.Two years later I still had a passion for radio so I went back to the community station. Long story short I didn't fit in. (Short version) I left there and went to a station as assistant program producer - but I still wanted to be the guy that talked, so I left after six months of valuble experience in producing. I finally ended up on Triple U FM, the community radio station in Nowra, where I host a 2 hour show on Tuesday arvos at 2pm, called Late Lunch. People often think radio is all talking and music. But to get to the level I am at now it's taken alot of hard work and persistance. I am in a wheelchair and I believe that should never hold you back.The Late Lunch program on Triple U FM has given me a great opportunity to meet some great local and national talent. My best moment was meeting Mark Gable from the Choir Boys.
So I know what you're thinking - how did I manage that? My mate was singing at a charity event called Bands for Bears and Mark was singing there so I asked if he would be intrested in doing an interview he said yes and the rest is history.While that music celebrity side is great, it is community radio and my main focus is the community, so I really love local bands. I even have people say to me that's crap because its not on the charts. And I say being on the charts isn't everything, a band can still be brilliant. A huge part of my show revolves around humor. Seriously if you don't get people laughing you will not get very far.I touched on my disability earlier - it's Cerebral Palsy. I really love bagging myself out, a big fan, it makes for great material because it shows people a lighter side of disability and all people's questions are answered very well through humour. How to make good radio? Have fun, be yourself, and have an open mind. I will say this though, if you think its going to be easy it's not, it's hard work. A bit of advice - always show people respect and you will go a long way. And always stay up to date with what's going on in the world.I plan on taking my career a long way and am currently applying for a diploma in radio broadcasting. Hit me up on Facebook - Late Lunch Triple U FM.