Stan has been a participant in our Transition to Work (TTW) and then Community Participation (CP) programs since the beginning of 2015, in the past year his life took a turn for the worse when Stan, a 19 year old man with Cerebral Palsy found himself homeless.

Being homeless left Stan isolated and prone to exploitation, Stan found himself sleeping rough in hostels, lounge rooms and even on park benches.

Change was urgently needed in Stan’s life, he asked Essential Employment and Training for extra assistance using his Individual Funding/NDIS package. EET was able to offer the one on one support that Stan wanted in the form of his case worker, Donna.  Stan now had extra support to fulfil his goals outside of program hours, number one being to find a place to call home. Donna worked tirelessly with Stan and his other support networks including Aboriginal Coorporation of Homeless Youth and the Department of Housing to get outcomes. In the span of a just a few weeks Stan and Donna had a huge SUCCESS finding when they found permanent accommodation in a great spot. This is the first time in a long time Stan has drawers to store his belongings, a bed of his own and a door to lock at night, these things really make a difference to Stan’s life, and he acknowledges “Mentally and emotionally it’s really helped me to have a safe and secure place to call my own. I wouldn’t have been able to hang in there without the support of Donna and the EET staff”.

Stan’s goal setting hasn’t stopped there, his next few goals are to study Literacy at TAFE and to do some shopping for his new home with on going support from Donna and the EET team.