Stephen has been attending our Community Participation program since 2012 when he received funding to participate 3 days a week. During his time with Essential Employment and Training (EET) Stephen has shown a love for dancing, fishing, playing sports and spending time out in local community socialising, sometimes going for a beer or a BBQ. Stephen expressed that he would like to spend more time with EET staff support to do the things he loved while also getting some assistance at home.

Our staff helped Stephen to successfully apply for a Supported Living fund package, this extra funding went directly towards providing Stephen with extra in home support. This means EET staff can now assist Stephen in the morning when his carer can not, our staff help Stephen to prepare meals and shower, getting ready for the day ahead. The extra time spent with Stephen also gives our staff an opportunity to provide independent living skills training in his own home. Stephen also used some of his funding to purchase much needed supportive technology for his home, including a shower chair, easy to use microwave, temperature setting on the hot water system and support rails.

Stephen continues to receive one on one support each week to do the things he loves, Stephen has built life long friendships at EET and loves being a part of the EET family, it’s become his second home.

Stephen Francis has been attending our program since 2012.

Stephen commenced EET with an active aging package and came 3 days per week. This wasn’t enough for Stephen, he wanted to come more. He loved going out in the community socializing with others. He loves to dance and go for a beer and BBQ. He loves fishing and playing sports he loves arts and crafts this is what he wanted to do more of.

Stephen was lucky enough to receive a supported living fund package, which abled us to spend time with Stephen in his home, teach him independent skills and give Stephen more opportunity to enjoy the things he loves doing.

Stephen has used his package to help him in the home. He has purchased many items that supports his needs such as a shower chair, easy to use microwave, temperature setting on the hot water system, lawn mowing, rails and more.

Stephen has staff that come in and help him prepare for the day with meals and showers. When his carer can not do it.

Stephen uses his package to attend EET’s yearly camp/retreat and uses his package to participate in group activities  and 1:1 activities every day of the week.

Stephen has built life long friendships and doesn’t  want to be any where else.

Stephen loves EET and the things we do with him. This is his second home and family