Wayne has been a user of our Disability Employment Service (DES) for approximately 2 years. Throughout that time Wayne tried his hand at a variety of job roles, but none gave him the level job satisfaction he so desired.

Wayne told DES staff he wanted a position that would suit his outgoing personality, provide him with opportunities to interact with others and offer him a career pathway.

Wayne’s detailed feedback helped DES staff to focus their employment search and better target opportunities for him. Employment Specialist, Tiv, found a Valet Driver job opportunity at Wollongong City Motors that he thought Wayne might be interested in. When Wayne heard about the job he jumped at the chance to apply, he saw the role suited his outgoing personality and would provide opportunities to put his customer service and communication skills to good use.

Tiv was able to present Wayne’s resume to Wollongong City Motors management ahead of any other potential applicants, this worked in Wayne’s favour and he got a call back for an interview.

The DES team worked with Wayne to prepare him prior to the interview so when it came time for the real thing Wayne only had to put what he’d learnt into practice. Cut to two weeks later, Wayne received confirmation his interview was successful and he was now a Valet Driver at Wollongong City Motors! Wayne was over the moon and the team at Essential Employment and Training couldn’t be happier for him. All the best Wayne!