Youth Employment Program (YEP)

If you’re a school leaver with a disability looking for a creative new approach to finding work, then YEP could be just what you’re looking for. Our experienced Employment Consultants can guide you through the development of your own job plan – working with you to design an individualised pathway to employment. Through the YEP program, eligible job seekers can access a number of work-related courses including Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RSG), White Card and EET’s own Employability Skills training. Throughout the job seeking process EET Consultants will provide you with one-on-one support which – once you have secured gainful employment, can be ongoing if desirable. You can feel confident that EET will be right behind you every step of the way.

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Bridging the gap between school and employment

EET specialises in supporting young school leavers with physical and emotional barriers, into the workforce. YEP is designed to assist highly disadvantaged young school leavers with disabilities by providing 1:1 mentoring and support.

YEP supports individuals in their personal development journey towards employment and future career aspirations. Our specialised staff consult with each person to develop their own individual employment pathway plan (EPP). Their plan details specific job seeking and/or education and training activities that assist them to achieve their employment goals and aspirations in the industry of their choice.

Each person’s EPP identifies the skills and experiences needed to gain and maintain employment and details the mutually agreed actions to achieve this. Our dedicated staff work alongside these young people taking an individualised and person-centred approach to address any barriers they are experiencing so they can ultimately succeed in gaining employment.

Focus areas of the YEP program

  • Communication skills
  • Building relationships
  • Building resilience
  • Planning and undertaking proactive job seeking
  • Developing job applications
  • Gaining and accessing work experience
  • Accessing further education and training


There are two pathways into YEP for young people with a disability. 

1. Direct registration for eligible school leavers who are:

  • Undertaking full time study,
  • aged between 14 and 22,
  • in their final year of school (or at risk of not completing current year),
  • eligible for additional funding because of disability or illness,
  • are in a disability specialist school or special ed class,
  • are receiving the Disability Support Pension (DSP); and
  • are voluntarily seeking job search assistance from a disability employment service provider. 

2. Registration via an employment services assessment for jobseekers who are:

  • Not studying full-time,
  • aged between 14 and 22,
  • diagnosed with a permanent disability, injury, or illness,
  • able to obtain clear medical evidence of their diagnosed disability injury or illness, and
  • are voluntarily seeking job search assistance from a disability employment service provider.